Our Story

Urban Letter - Inspired by you, for you. 


Urban Letter is a minority owned lifestyle brand based in New York City specializing in blending the latest in streetwear style and bohemian chic. Our styles are designed with you in mind.

We're on a mission. Outside of our goal of providing you with fresh styles, we are also dedicated to making our world a better place. All year, every year, we share our profits with causes to fight for justice, equality, and opportunity in all its forms. This is not politically convenient for us, this is at the heart of what we want to achieve. By shopping our styles, you'll not only look fresh, but you'll be supporting important causes here in the US and around the world. 

Check out our latest bulletin about where we are appropriating our profits: https://urbanletter.com/pages/news

We are a create on demand company, meaning that when you order your favorite looks, we create them especially for you! Your items are not sitting in a dusty warehouse waiting to be shipped, they are new, unique, and created for you every time! Sometimes this creates delays, but we think it's worth it!